Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

Time: 03:28
i have no idea what the name is for this pasta shape. but it is charmingly evocative of a bandaid, and i now wish i could find more.

an open letter to orrechiette:

i'm sorry to break it to you, but you are no longer my pasta shape boyfriend. i hope we can still be friends, though. i like hanging out with you, and i still think you're nice.

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Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

Time: 02:30
so i really like glommy food. gluey things and comforting things, and soft starches.

mochi is right up my alley.

i prefer the savory stuff, the japanese type, grilled or toasted so it's crisp and brown on the outside, eaten with nori and soy or ponzu. it's fantastic, worth tracking down a big bag of hard, plastic rectangles of the stuff at the asian grocery. or the korean sort, discs vacuum sealed in a packet, dried hard or frozen fresh for dropping into the soup pot. or in chewy rice-stick form, cooked into main dishes.

when i was in japan, my friend freya told me a recipe, mochi layered in a deep dish alternating with cheese and spinach and microwaved til it went soft and rich. (i think about how good that would be a lot - but it isn't going to make me get a microwave.)

here all the natural foods stores have the grainassance version, all whole-meal and healthful, strange textured and more sticky, less elastic. unevenly puffing. i like to eat that kind fresh out of the oven, sticking cold chunks of butter in the hollows. but only the plain flavor, the others seem a bit outré. perhaps if the were just called something different: not-mochi.

the newest big asian grocer to the area, hua xing, is the place to go if you want all sorts of wonderful things, but they skew hard toward chinese fare - there aren't any bags of mochi in blocks. (and no instant sweet green milk tea mix, either, though that's probably for the best, what with the sugar-crash-deliciousness of it all.)

they do, however, have a nice, small selection of fresh japanese sweets in one cooler.

so i've been eating kinako mochi.

it's chewy and sticky and not too sweet and frances loves it too, we've been sharing. i've never made it, but i probably should - it isn't exactly complicated - a cup of mochiko (glutinous rice flour), a cup of water, a quarter cup (maybe less? that sounds like too much) of sugar, stirred together, put it a dish and sealed with plastic wrap, nuked for four minutes. cooled and cut in chunks and rolled in kinako (toasted soy flour).

i miss kushi dango. it's almost the same thing, but unsweetened soft mochi, skewered and dipped in sugared soy sauce and maybe run under the broiler. mmmmmm.

here is a song about kushi dango: だんご3兄弟

here is someone else's picture of kushi dango:

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Sunday, February 26th, 2006

at least i'm grown up enough to reach the counters by myself.
Time: 13:02
making culinary strides on behalf of six year-olds everywhere.

today for breakfast i made peanut butter cream of wheat.

yeah, recipe: make cream of wheat, put it in a bowl, stir in a couple of generous spoonsful of natural peanut butter, pour in a random amount of honey, stir, eat. ASK MOM FOR HELP WITH THE STOVE ITS HOT.

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Friday, November 4th, 2005

Time: 10:38
no matter what they might tell you, buttery toast with hot cocoa mix on top is not an adequate substitute for chocolate cake.

it's sad but true.

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Saturday, October 15th, 2005

Time: 12:31
i would really like some homemade buttermilk pancakes with real maple syrup for breakfast.

but i think i will actually have cornmeal mush with blackstrap molasses. it's sort of a cognate.

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